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Brisbane Body Corporate Cleaning Service

Arozon offers a wide range of exterior body corporate cleaning services. We will clean the entire exterior of buildings of any size including common areas such as pool areas, concrete paths and barbecue areas.

Work at any heights

Our high rise window cleaners are trained and certified to work on high rise office or apartment buildings, while our advanced pole window cleaner will handle any window cleaning jobs up to 5 storeys high efficiently without the need for ladders or scaffolding.

High Rise Window Cleaning


Fully insured

Our services are covered by extensive insurance policies, and will keep you safe of mind in the unlikely event of accidental damage to property or the public.

Complete service provider

Our cleaning package will be adapted to your specific cleaning and maintenance needs, but can contain some or all of the following services:

Mould Removal


Fully uniformed staff

Our qualified and experienced cleaning staff maintain a professional appearance in our recognisable Arozon uniforms while performing their duties.

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